Roger Table Mic II

What is Roger Table Mic II?

Roger Table Mic II is a wireless microphone especially designed for meetings that helps people with hearing loss understand better in noise and over distance.

In which situations can Roger Table Mic II be used?

Roger Table Mic II can be used in any meeting situation that takes place around a table; including skype meetings.

How do I use Roger Table Mic II?

Simply place Roger Table Mic II in the middle of the table. If you have multiple microphones spread them out so that every meeting participant is close enough to a microphone to be heard. 

What can I do to improve understanding using Roger Table Mic II? 

  • Always bring Roger Table Mic II as close to the speakers as possible.
  • Avoid hiding Roger Table Mic II behind glasses, computer screens or other objects.

How far can I move away from the Roger Table Mic II and still hear the signal?

Typically, you can be up to 20 meters / 60 feet away from the Roger Table Mic II. In line of sight, which means you can see the Roger Table Mic II, you can be up to 40 meters / 120 feet away.

How long is the operating time? 

After a full charge, Roger Table Mic II can transmit up to 16 hours.

Does Roger Table Mic II work with my hearing aids?

Roger Table Mic II works with most hearing aids, cochlear implants and Bahas through a Roger receiver that is attached to your hearing aids or worn on the body. Your hearing care professional will help you finding the correct Roger receiver for you.

Is it possible to listen to an audio device and the microphone in parallel?

No, but several microphones can still be used in a MultiTalker Network. 

How can Roger Table Mic II be connected with a phone? 

Adaptors and cables can be used. Please check the ‘Phone calls made easy with Roger’ brochure.