Ready for success

Regardless of age or level of hearing loss, Phonak offers solutions for unilateral hearing loss which are easy-to-use, while ensuring that listening remains fun.

Choices of hearing solutions are unique as your child

Unilateral hearing loss (UHL) is a type of hearing impairment where there is normal hearing in one ear and any degree of hearing loss in the other ear.  Even the smallest amount of hearing loss means that a child is at a disadvantage when it comes to listening and comprehending speech. It is therefore important to assess and address your child’s hearing loss and unique listening needs with their hearing care and educational professionals to ensure that they are ready for success.

Aidable hearing loss on one side

When your child has some hearing loss on one side that is aidable, Phonak Sky™ B provides the ultimate in performance. Specifically designed for kids, the
AutoSense Sky OS™ operating system, automatically adapts to your child’s everyday listening needs.

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Severe to profound hearing loss on one side

Option A

Phonak CROS B is a microphone built in a small behind-the-ear housing that picks up sound from the impaired side and sends the sound to the normal hearing ear wearing a small Sky B BTE. With advanced processing, this system is great when a child needs to hear someone on their bad side.

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Severe to profound hearing loss on one side

Option B

Roger™ Focus along with a Roger microphone is an easy-to-use system that sends a teacher or peer’s voice directly into your child’s normal hearing ear. This approach eliminates distracting noise, allowing your child to hear and understand more of what’s being said, no matter where they sit.

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Roger for all children with unilateral hearing loss

At Phonak, we believe that all children should have the chance to succeed in school and therefore offer a family of Roger™ solutions for every child with UHL, regardless of the type of hearing aid they may wear daily.

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