Phonak TargetMatch outperforms non-integrated Real Ear Measurements*

Stäfa, Switzerland
Phonak TargetMatch outperforms non-integrated Real Ear Measurements*

Staefa, Switzerland – March 7, 2017 – Phonak, the leading global provider of hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions, is pleased to announce its second generation of TargetMatch with the release of the fitting software Phonak Target 5.1. This enhanced functionality demonstrates more accuracy and precision than traditional verification standards3 by matching targets within 3dB of the calculated targets across the frequency range.   


Benefits of TargetMatch at a glance:

  • Guided probe tube placement, a unique solution to accurately  and confidently position the probe tube to get the best outcome
  • Binaural REM measurements
  • Automatic and manual target matching
  • Compatible with Adaptive Phonak Digital and standard prescriptive fitting formulae
  • Compatible with Otometrics verification equipment and the Phonak Belong and Venture platforms
  • Integrated 2cc coupler test box verification which addresses a wider range of clients (new with Target 5.1)

“We are excited to offer with TargetMatch an easy to use, fully integrated solution that outperforms traditional non-integrated REM fittings in terms of target matching and test, re-test reliability”, says Solange Anderson, Audiology Manager Fitting Software at Phonak. “Hearing care professionals will be able to positively impact overall patient satisfaction and loyalty, reduce follow-up visits and offer a better fitting experience for clients when using TargetMatch”. *,2,4

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2Denys, S et al.(2016) Real-Ear Measurements Integrated in the Fitting Software: Test-Retest Reliability, Matching Precision and Perceptual Outcomes, ExpORL, KU Leuven (submitted)
3A +/-5 dB margin of error or mismatch between the calculated target and response curves is considered in the “acceptable range of mismatch error” according to the British Society of Audiology, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology
4Kochkin S.(2011)  MarkeTrak VIII: Reducing patient visits through verification and validation. Hearing Review. 18 (6): 10-12.