Phonak Naída Q plus Roger

Staefa, Switzerland
Phonak Naída Q plus Roger

The Phonak Naída Q product family has rapidly become the hearing aid of choice in the high gain and output category. The Roger technology that bridges the understanding gap in noise and over distance has set new wireless standards, outperforming other existing systems by up to 54%*. Together, they can make all the difference for those who rely on their hearing solution the most: people with severe to profound hearing loss. The idea: One reliable and easy-to-use complete system that adapts automatically to the user’s environment. Whether at work, at home with family and friends, or travelling, Phonak Naída Q plus the Roger system offer unrivaled performance across different listening situations. The result: People with hearing loss can even understand up to 62%* more speech in noise and over distance than normal hearing people.

“Bringing together two of our most advanced products in one complete solution allows us to make the impossible possible: With Naída Q plus Roger, people with severe to profound hearing loss can even hear better than people without hearing loss in several challenging listening situations”, says Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing for Phonak. “This outstanding speech understanding performance lets them focus on their work, fully engage in conversations or phone calls being confident that they will understand every word that is being said.”

Phonak Naída Q meets Roger: The essential components of a complete hearing solution
Phonak Naída Q, available in three different water-resistant BTE and RIC models, and across four performance levels, offers the most complete portfolio of power hearing aids. Features like the unique Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM for full bandwidth audio exchange between hearing aids, and SoundRecover that compresses and shifts high-frequencies for expanded audibility, have turned Naída Q into the hearing aid of choice of people with severe to profound hearing loss.

In noise or over distance, however, users with a significant hearing loss still struggle to hear and understand well. This is where the new Phonak wireless standard comes in: Roger systems feature one or several wireless microphones for the speaker and tiny Roger receivers that can simply be clicked onto the hearing aid. The result: The user can hear the speaker’s words directly in the ears, without any distracting background noise. The hassle-free Roger devices automatically adjust their own settings to suit the noise and speakers around its user.

Roger at work: Concentrate on excelling, not your hearing
Big group meetings, conference calls and conversations in the cafeteria: People with severe to profound hearing loss often cannot fully concentrate on their job; they need to put a lot of effort into understanding what is being said in noisy work environments. Naída Q plus Roger make all the difference: The powerful hearing solution ensures maximum speech understanding, no matter the surroundings, and frees users up to devote all their energy to the discussion at hand. “My hearing aids alone are sufficient for most of my work, but when I am presenting, I use my Roger Pen to help me hear questions and comments from students”, says Naída Q plus Roger user Elissa D. Robb from the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. “It gives me confidence when I am presenting, which is very important to me.”

Roger gives users all the flexibility they need in modern work life: The compact wireless Roger Clip-On Mic can be worn discreetly on the shirt; it is the perfect choice for one-on-one conversations. The inconspicuous Roger Pen with fully automated microphone settings and Bluetooth cell phone connectivity can be placed on the table, held in the hand, or passed to a speaker; the versatile pen is ideally suited for presentations, meetings, phone and Skype calls or video conferences.

Further information on the Phonak solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss:

What is Roger?

Roger by Phonak is the new digital standard that bridges the understanding gap in noise and over distance, surpassing the performance of standard FM systems by up to 54%* and Dynamic FM technology by 35%*.

It uses cutting-edge wireless microphones to pick up the voice of the speaker and transmit it wirelessly over 2.4 GHz to miniature ear-level receivers. Roger is hassle-free and adapts its own settings automatically to the noise and speakers around the use.

* Professor Thibodeau, Linda, PhD (2014), Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids, University of Texas, Dallas, USA, The American Journal of Audiology (in press).