Meet Leo the lion cub - storybook and iPad app

Staefa, Switzerland
Meet Leo the lion cub - storybook and iPad app

Two-in-one Leo storybook and interactive iPad app help parents, teachers and caregivers put children at ease with the hearing care process and associated technologies.  

Children with hearing loss often feel anxious about fitting in with their friends, especially when wearing new hearing technology. Leo the lion cub’s new storybook and app are designed to help, providing children with a furry friend who faces exactly the same challenges they do.

Leo the lion cub, who replaces Oliver as the new Phonak pediatric mascot, loves listening to music and playing soccer. But with his hearing loss he sometimes struggles to hear what’s being said. This is frustrating and he feels like he is missing out.

In his engaging new two-in-one storybook (Leo gets hearing aids / Leo gets a Roger system) and accompanying iPad app, Leo learns how treating his hearing loss with technology can help him to have more fun and do better at school.

Two stories, one journey

In Leo gets hearing aids, his hearing loss is diagnosed by a friendly audiologist. He then receives new Phonak hearing aids, which help him hear more in school and at play.

In the second story, Leo gets a Roger system, Leo’s audiologist boosts this hearing technology further by adding a Roger wireless microphone system. This helps Leo to understand even more of what’s being said, even in tricky listening situations like in loud noise and over distance.

Leo’s storybook is suitable for children aged 1-8 years. It uses easy-to-follow language and engaging full-color illustrations to depict Leo and his animal friends as he travels through his hearing care journey.

The interactive app version adds environmental sounds, and readers can tap on different characters to make them spring instantly to life. There is also handy bookmark bar with which children can save specific pages for later.

“Leo the lion cub is the perfect companion for children with a hearing loss. By sharing his experiences he guides younger readers gently through the diagnosis and treatment process, reducing any anxiety they might feel and reassuring them that they’re not the only ones in their position,” says Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing for Phonak.

  • The Leo storybook and iPad app are both available in eight languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • The hard copy Leo two-in-one storybook is available from hearing care professionals.
  • The interactive app “Phonak Leo” can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.


Innovative technology, dedicated hearing care professionals and the close support of family are essential to help children with a hearing loss reach their full potential. For 40 years Phonak has played a key role, developing and offering the very best hearing solutions for children of any age. Our close collaboration with hearing care professionals, teachers, researchers, children and their families have allowed us to make unique technological advances. Together we have significantly improved the lives of millions of children worldwide.