Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Wirelessly connect to your favorite Bluetooth® enabled devices directly to your hearing aids.

Phonak Bluetooth hearing aids enable hands-free phone calls from your iOS or Android device, and deliver stereo sound quality streaming for TV, music, videos, e-books, podcasts and more.

How Bluetooth hearing aids work

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard designed to quickly and reliably connect devices such as printers, cameras or computers to each other and to allow for data to be exchanged between the connected devices.

Communication between devices is incredibly easy with Bluetooth. Enabled devices automatically detect and also contact each other.

The type of data that can be exchanged is very versatile and can be anything from sending a picture from a mobile phone to a printer or streaming audio from a TV to wireless headphones.

With the latest generation of Phonak Bluetooth hearing aids, this technology enables wearers to make hands-free phone calls or stream stereo sound quality from TV, smartphones or other devices. Even audible phone notifications can be set to be heard through the hearing aids.

What can you do with Bluetooth hearing aids?

Stream stereo sound from your TV
Just plug a card-sized TV Connector into the back of your TV and you are ready to stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids. The TV connector can simultaneously connect to multiple Bluetooth enabled hearing aids - perfect for watching TV together.

Phonak TV Connector

Phonak TV Connector

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Make hands-free phone calls
Answer or reject a phone call with a simple press of a button on your hearing aid. Your voice is picked up by the hearing aids built in microphones and transmitted to the caller, similar to a wireless headset. You can receive the callers audio on both of your hearing aids, without ever having to physically touch your phone.

Listen to music, videos, e-books, podcasts and more
Stream music on Spotify, enjoy an audiobook on Audible, or listen to the latest news podcast on Apple Podcasts directly through your hearing aids. Simply enable the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone, then pair your hearing aids to your phone. Enjoy stereo sound quality for all your favorite content.


Products with Phonak Bluetooth technology

Audeo Marvel

Audeo Marvel

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Bolero Marvel

Bolero Marvel

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Rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth hearing aids from Phonak also come in rechargeable versions.
Phonak rechargeable hearing aid technology provides a full day of hearing and streaming with just one charge.

Learn more about Phonak rechargeable hearing aids here.

Where to buy Bluetooth hearing aids

You can find a certified Phonak provider with our audiologist finder.