Tyylikkäät ratkaisut kattavilla toiminnoilla

Teini-ikäisen nuoren maailman kasvaessa koulun ja kodin ulkopuolelle kuulemisen ratkaisujen tulee olla yksinkertaisia, huomaamattomia ja monitoimisia

Nuorten kuulokojeet

Nuoren kasvaessa fyysisesti myös hänen sosiaalisen kanssakäymisensä ja kommunikointitarpeensa kasvavat. Halusivatpa nuoret sulautua porukkaan tai erottua massasta ja ilmaista itseään rohkeasti, he löytävät tarpeitaan vastaavan ratkaisun ja voivat kommunikoida itsenäisesti ja tyylikkäästi Phonakin kuulolaitevalikoiman ansiosta.

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Sky™ V
Roger™ Pen

Sky™ V

Mukavuus ja miellyttävä ulkonäkö

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Roger™ Pen

Kaiken kattava langaton mikrofoni

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Hear more of what you want,
less of what you don’t.

Phonak Sky V reduces background noise and automatically zeroes in on the sounds you want. Hear a friend who’s behind you, in a noisy place, or on a windy day. Sky V can even soften sudden, loud sounds like slamming do

Stay in the game.


Work up a sweat, dance in the rain, or get dirty. Phonak Sky V is moisture and dust resistant, so you don't have to choose between wearing your hearing aids and living life the way you want. Go ahead. Get out there, even when the weather sucks.

Phone calls you can handle—finally.


Phonak Sky V makes phone calls way easier. Put the phone up to one ear, and Sky automatically transmits the sound into your other ear, too, giving you the caller's voice in stereo and making conversations more clear.

Make your style statement.

Customize Phonak Sky V to blend in with your skin and hair, or stand out with bright color.


Smart and powerful. 

The Roger Pen microphone can help you hear a lot better than hearing aids alone, because its
microphone is far more powerful. It’s smart too: Roger senses how you want to use it. Point it
interview style for a one-on-one conversation, or set it on the table to hear a group, and Roger
will automatically change the way its mic picks up sounds.

Wireless sound direct to your ears. 


The Roger Pen mic works from as far as 30 feet (10 meters) away,  which means you can hear someone holding the mic across the room. Sound  goes directly into your hearing aid, wirelessly.

It hides in plain sight. 


You won't stand out when you're using the Roger Pen. Whether  it's sitting on the table or held in your hand... well, nobody needs to know it's not a pen, do they?

Roger works with your phone.


Roger Pen connects with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and transmits calls right into your hearing aids. Talking on the phone has never  sounded better.

Roger works with your stuff. 


Hearing people is a big deal, but you also want to hear your digital world. Roger Pen hooks up to your TV, gaming system, or music, and sends that audio to your hearing aids.

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Planning guide for teens with hearing loss

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