Roger Select

What is Roger Select?

Roger Select is a wireless microphone that helps you to understand better in noise and over distance. 

In what situations can Roger Select be used?

Roger Select can be used in many different situations, such as

  • In restaurants, cafés, etc.
  • In small group conversations with up to six participants
  • In one-on-one conversations with a friend, partner or caregiver
  • During lectures or in class
  • Outdoors and indoors activities (gym, guided tour)
  • Watching TV
  • Phone calls
  • Audio / voice from the computer, radio 

How do I use Roger Select?

If you are sitting at a table, simply place the Roger Select in the middle of the table. If you are in a group but you have no table, you can also hold Roger Select in your open palm. To hear a single conversation partner, attach the clip or the lanyard and ask your partner to wear Roger Select on the chest. 

What can I do to improve understanding using Roger Select? 

  • Always bring Roger Select as close to the speakers as possible.
  • When Roger Select is worn on the chest, then it should be worn in the center of the chest.
  • When Roger Select is on the table, you may tap the device to activate it only into the directions where a talker sits.

Avoid hiding Roger Select behind glasses, computer screens or other objects. 

How far can I move away from the Roger Select and still hear the signal?

Typically, you can be up to 10 meters / 30 feet away from the Roger Select. In line of sight, which means you can see the Roger Select, you can even be up to 20 meters / 60 feet away. 

How long is the operating time? 

After a full charge, the Roger Select can transmit up to 8 hours. 

What options do I have to hear phone calls better?

Roger Select can be connected to any device that is capable of doing phone calls such as cell phone, landline phones, computers, etc. The easiest way is to pair your Roger Select with the phone / computer using Bluetooth wireless technology.  When you use your computer, you can make phone calls using VoIP services such as Skype.
When your phone does not have Bluetooth, there might be a solution using adaptor cables, please ask your hearing healthcare professional.

How can I listen to music from my smartphone or music player?

The Roger Select can be connected to the headphone output (3.5 mm socket) using the included short audio cable. Plug the rectangular end of this cable directly into your Roger Select, then turn Roger Select on and play the music on your device.

Does Roger Select work with my hearing aids?

Roger Select works with most hearing aids, cochlear implants and Bahas through a Roger receiver that is attached to your hearing aids or worn on the body. Your hearing care professional will help you finding the correct Roger receiver for you.

Is it possible to listen to an audio device and the microphone in parallel?

Yes, after plugging in the audio cable you can activate the microphone by tapping the center of the device. 

Is Roger Select compatible to my phone / computer?

Most likely yes. Roger Select supports Bluetooth version 4.0. Ask the dealer of your phone or computer to clarify compatibility questions.

Can I turn off Roger Select while it still remains connected to my phone / computer? 

Yes, a short press on the on/off button will put Roger Select into standby mode, this means the microphones are turned off but you are still connected with your phone / computer. A long press on the on/off button will switch off Roger Select completely, this means you are no longer connected with your phone / computer.
It is recommended to switch Roger Select off completely if no phone call is expected to reduce battery consumption. 

Can I listen to music via Bluetooth? 

Most phones / computers stream music using the A2DP profile which is not supported by Roger Select. Some phone settings or apps allow you to convert music into the headset or hands-free profile and in those cases you can listen to music via Roger Select. Please ask your phone dealer for options.

Why can Roger Select not be muted when worn?

The mute function is disabled while Roger Select is worn to prevent inadvertent muting during handling. In such situations it is advised to simply turn off Roger Select.


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