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Why are my Phonak hearing aids not showing in the Bluetooth list of my phone?

I reboot my Phonak hearing aids to put them in the Bluetooth® pairing mode, but they are not showing in the Bluetooth list of my phone or computer.

If you are not seeing your hearing aids in the Bluetooth list of your phone, there could be a few reasons:

  • Pairing Mode Time Limit: Your hearing aids are only in pairing mode for 3 minutes after they are turned on. Make sure you try to pair them with your phone within this time.


  • Your hearing aids are in Flight Mode: You might have accidentally activated Flight mode. Turn your hearing aids off and back on to exit the flight mode and start Bluetooth pairing.


  • Single Hearing Aid Defined for Bluetooth: You were trying to pair non-phone ear hearing aid. Only one hearing aid is set to connect via Bluetooth classic, known as the phone ear hearing aid. Restart the phone ear hearing aid (or both) to pair it with your Bluetooth device.


  • Multiple Devices Paired with your hearing aids: If your hearing aids are already paired to 2 or more devices and at least 2 are nearby after the reboot, they will try to connect to them instead of pairing with a new one. Turn off Bluetooth on other already paired devices (phones, computers).


  • New Pairing Within Pairing Mode: You have done a new pairing within this pairing mode already. You cannot pair your hearing aids to more than one device during the same pairing mode. Restart your hearing aids to pair it with a second device.