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myPhonak app: Why do hearing aids unmute automatically?

Muting the hearing aid (microphones) on the myPhonak app will not mute incoming calls or notifications. Phone calls and notification sounds have to be managed in the smartphone settings.
Overview of the priority of wireless interfaces: 
  1. Listening to the acoustic environment (hearing aid microphones) is the base or lowest in priority. 
  2. Bluetooth audio (A2DP) and connected accessories, e.g. TV Connector or Roger, will be heard as soon as the wireless signal is received. The streaming input(s) will be available on the toggle sequence as long as you are in the range of the streaming device(s). 
  3. Bluetooth phone calls (HFP) have always the highest priority and a calling notification will be heard. Incoming calls can be accepted or rejected. 

Please note:
  • The multi-function button of the hearing aids as well as the TV Connector settings are customizable by your hearing care professional. 
  • Hearing aid microphones will stay on by default while receiving streaming signals. The balance between hearing aid microphones and streaming signals is customizable.
  • The hearing aid wearer can toggle manually between available streaming programs. The streamed input appears on the toggle sequence only if active. The last active stream is always added to the end of the toggle sequence.