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Charger Case Combi - Troubleshooting Guide

Charger Case Combi - Possible charging behaviors, symptoms and troubleshooting tips

Possible charging behaviors and symptoms:

  • Hearing aid displays a lower charge in the app than expected after being charged.
  • Hearing aid LED still blinking green even after 6 or more hours in the charger - not changing to solid green.
  • Hearing aid LED does not blink and hearing aid can't be connected to the app while in charger.
  • When taking it out of the charger the hearing aid can’t be turned on.
  • Hearing aid shows charging error (solid red LED) after 6 or more hours in the charger.


If you experience any of the above, please check the below recommendations:

  • Ensure the contacts of both the hearing aid and the charger are clean.
  • Ensure the hearing aids are firmly placed into the charger.
  • Use the cable and wall plug supplied by Phonak with the charger. This ensures that the charger receives the optimal power input to charge your hearing aids reliably.
  • Do not use the USB port of a laptop, a cigarette lighter or a USB hub as power source for the charger.
  • To display battery status reliably in the app, remove the hearing aids from the charger.
  • Ask your hearing care professional to check that the latest firmware version is installed in the hearing aid.