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Phonak™ Lyric

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Benefits for your practice

Lyric helps you differentiate your practice because it is unlike any other hearing aid. The Lyric subscription model delivers a consistent and predictable revenue stream from yearly renewals, are “assets” in the books and grow the value of your business, while generating more sales opportunities with patients who may not be suitable for Lyric.

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Sizing Lyric

Initial sizing, placing, and programming Lyric, combined with counseling, takes approximately one hour. Device replacement visits take approximately 10 minutes. A broad size range consisting of 7 sizes – from XXS to XXL models – is available to comfortably fit as many different ear sizes as possible.

Phonak Lyric™

Frequently asked questions

The new Lyric4 comes with improved comfort and reliability.¹ The reduced medial module is designed to improve wearing comfort¹ and your clients' fit rate. The new medial port receiver protection has been designed to improve reliability. Debris is collected to reduce the impact of cerumen and early clogging.

Partner with us

As a Phonak partner, you’ll get access to one of the industry-leading hearing solutions, our extensive resource library, marketing support to help your business grow, community events, training, and more. 

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* Not available in the U.S. at this time.

1. Standaert, L. (2020). Objective and subjective comparison: Lyric4 to Lyric 3. Phonak Field Study News, retrieved from , accessed October 2020.