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Phonak Lyric™: Introducing Lyric Self-Replacement

Increase your independence with Lyric Self-Replacement! This is a procedure for patients who would feel comfortable replacing their Lyric devices every other time on their own.

Lyric Self-Replacement is an optional procedure. The benefits of self-replacement include more freedom for you, fewer visits to your hearing care professional, and increased ownership in your hearing care journey. Speak with your hearing care professional today about self-replacement!

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Find out if it's right for you

If you are currently wearing Lyric devices, please contact your Lyric provider. Before setting up the process of self-replacement with you, they will determine your candidacy and provide training to ensure you can safely do so. If you are not currently wearing Lyric, speak with your hearing care professional or find a provider.

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Benefits of self-replacement


Patients report the self-replacement process taking 10 minutes or less from the comfort of their home. This means less time spent commuting and attending appointments with your hearing care professional and more time enjoying life with your Lyric devices.


Going on a trip or dealing with a packed schedule? With twice the amount of time available to patients before they need to visit their hearing care professional again, patients can have the freedom to utilize self-replacement in between in-office visits.



With self-replacement, patients won't be without their Lyric devices regardless of where life takes them. Self-replacement provides the means for patients to take further ownership of their hearing health journey without diminishing the connection between the patient and their hearing care professional.  

Your hearing care professional will continue to provide support and guidance and work with you to keep you and your devices working well.


Phonak Lyric Self-Replacement Patient Instructional Video