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Partnering with Phonak

From acquiring new patients with expertly crafted messages to fitting them with great products, Phonak strives to give you the solutions and support to help you in every aspect of your patient experience in your practice.

Equip yourself with the tools and services you need to succeed in today’s market. 

I have found a squad, I have found a community, a little niche in the community within Inner Circle that makes me feel that I am a part of something bigger and that I am really making a difference in my local community.

Megan Gerhart  Au.D.​ ENT Allergy of Delaware
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Outperform your competition

Phonak partners, or as we refer to them Inner Circle Members, outperform non-members in the following key areas:

  • Greater gross revenue
  • Greater net profit margin
  • Annual hours worked
  • Provided more tele-health appointments
  • Offered more leasing and financing options
  • Received more new patients from physician referrals
  • Increased overall treatment rate
  • Improved front-office call to appointment conversion rates

Benefits of partnering with Phonak

Enjoy the benefits of partnership as we support your business growth through a range of benefits: 

  • Access to thorough and detailed research
  • Global training
  • Solutions and services to drive growth
  • Marketing support
  • Innovative hearing solutions that fit your patients’ needs

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Beyond Product

When you partner with Phonak, possibilities, choices and a commitment to excellence comes to life

As an Inner Circle member, you’ll earn Success Points for every hearing aid purchase. But we know that anyone can give you points. We give you Success Points!

After a decade of benchmarking analysis, we are able to identify the areas of business that will make the greatest impact on a practice. Then you can invest your points in the initiatives that drive your success.

Partnering with Phonak can help reshape the way your practice does business. Our experienced team members know what it takes to succeed in today’s market and partner with you to deliver a phenomenal patient experience resulting in increased success for your practice.