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Roger Clip On Mic hearing aid microphone
For one-on-one conversations

Roger™ Clip-On Mic

  • Roger compatible
  • Worn by partner
  • For beginners

Roger™ Clip-On Mic is a small clip-on hearing aid microphone designed to make one-on-one conversations easier in a noisy environment and over distances. Featuring a directional microphone, the user can have clear conversations with their partner. This simple wireless device is perfect for people who are new to using assistive hearing devices.

  • Better speech understanding in noisy environments and over distance*¹
  • Automatically adjust to noise levels and speakers around you
  • Watch TV, listen to music, or use other multimedia devices by connecting to audio sources  


Roger Clip-On Mic
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Conversations made easier

The Roger Clip-On Mic boasts an array of features that can make having conversations easier in a noisy environment and over distances.

Focus on your partner’s voice

Advanced wireless microphone beamforming funnels your partner’s voice that is streamed wirelessly into your hearing aids 

Connect to multimedia devices 

Audio input enables connection to multimedia devices

MultiTalker Network

Connect to multiple Roger hearing aid microphones in a network 


Roger technology has been scientifically proven to help hearing aid users understand conversations better in loud noise and over distance¹

10x %

better hearing for Roger users compared to people with normal hearing¹

Roger Clip On Mic wireless microphone

How it works

Roger Clip-On Mic transmits the speaker’s voice directly into your ears using Roger™ Wireless technology and must be used in conjunction with your hearing aids and Roger receivers. Clip-On Mic works within a 10m/33ft range, but it works best within your line of sight as people and walls may block the connection.

Roger Clip-On Mic may be worn two ways:

  • Clipped upwards on clothing
  • Clipped sideways between buttons on a shirt 



Connectivity and compatibility

Roger Clip-On Mic is compatible with almost any hearing aid but requires one of the following receivers to be fully functional.

Roger Clip-On Mic

Frequently asked questions

The Roger Clip-On Mic is compatible with all hearing aids and cochlear implant brands when used in conjunction with a Roger receiver, and the volume adapts based on noise level. The PartnerMic is only compatible with Phonak hearing aids and doesn’t feature this adaptive behavior.

Kvinde, som står indenfor med hendes laptop i hænderne.

Find a provider

Whether you’re looking for help with hearing loss or want to get set up with hearing aids, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.

Find the right Roger device for you

Everyone’s type of hearing needs differs, which is why we offer a range of hearing solutions to find the right one for you.


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*Compared to using hearing aids alone

  1. Thibodeau, L. (2014). Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids. American Journal of Audiology, 23(2), 201-210