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Phonak RemoteControl hearing aid accessory.
Hearing aid controller


  • Wireless
  • Handheld
  • Button-operated

The Phonak RemoteControl is a simple way to control and adjust your Phonak hearing aids at the touch of a button. The tactile design allows you to make adjustments easily and discreetly, without fumbling or being distracted.

  • Enjoy simple handling and maximum convenience with an easy-to-use design
  • Control main hearing aid functions with three large buttons
  • Adjust the volume on your hearing aids and change audio programs 
Remote Control
Phonak RemoteControl hearing aid accessory - front view.

Hardware features

Make adjustments to your hearing aid audio on the go with a user-friendly design that makes it easy to manage audio levels, check battery life, and see program status. It’s also a great option if you don't use a smartphone but still want to adjust your hearing aids discreetly from the palm of your hand, pocket, or purse.

User-friendly design

Clearly marked volume and program buttons.

Easy to use

Simple to understand indicator light makes set up and use easy

Long battery

Long battery life and easy to replace battery

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Software features

The Phonak RemoteControl was designed with the user in mind and is the perfect way to easily manage your audio without needing to download an app or use a smartphone.

Simple set up

Just set your hearing aids to pairing mode, then turn them on while pressing and holding the "+" button on your remote control. They will automatically connect after pairing the first time.

Easy to use

The Phonak Remote Control is not only lightweight and concealable, it features three large and easily visible buttons for versatile handling and basic hearing aid control. 

Multi-purpose features

In addition to being able to make volume adjustments and change audio programs, the hearing aid remote also works to activate your Phonak TV Connector.

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Find a provider

Whether you’re looking for help with hearing loss or want to start on your hearing-well journey, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.

Phonak Audeo Life Lumity hearing aids covered with water droplets.

Connectivity and compatibility

The Phonak RemoteControl is designed to work with Phonak Lumity, Paradise, and Marvel hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity.


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