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Online Hearing Test

The Hearing Screener is a customizable online hearing test that can be integrated into your clinic website or marketing materials to raise hearing-loss awareness and potentially bring in more patients. It also helps provide a more helpful online experience for those exploring potential solutions to hearing loss. 

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Hearing Screener benefits

The Hearing Screener is an easy-to-use online tool that provides great benefits to both potential patients and health care providers.


  • The Hearing Screener takes less than 3 minutes on average to complete and provides results immediately.
  • The Hearing Screener using Audiogram estimation model (AEM) accurately identifies 81% of adults with hearing loss.
  • At least 90% of people without a hearing loss are correctly identified as passing the Hearing Screener.
  • Phonak Hearing Screener was named as a top ranked online hearing test by Forbes Health.1

Benefits for patients

Potential patients are looking for effective ways to check their hearing. They want to know if they’re experiencing hearing loss and if they should act. The Hearing Screener is a simple online test that can help answer their questions and suggest next steps.  

  • Helps build awareness of hearing loss and protection against hearing loss 
  • Provides estimated hearing loss results 
  • Offers guidance on next steps and contacts

Benefits for hearing care professionals 

The Hearing Screener is a powerful tool to reach and engage potential patients. For some patients, it’s the first step in investigating their hearing loss and hearing loss options. It can also be used as a primary call-to-action for patients who prefer a virtual experience, or as a powerful secondary call-to-action for those who are looking for a low-risk commitment. 

  • Allows for customization of lead generation tools and targeted marketing campaigns 
  • Provides detailed result charts with estimated dBHL on the Hearing Screener Dashboard
  • Helps prepare for future consultation with estimated hearing loss results from patients 

Partner with us

As a Phonak partner, you’ll get access to one of the industry-leading hearing solutions, our extensive resource library, marketing support to help your business grow, community events, training, and more. 

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Phonak Hearing Screener app interfaces on two laptops

Hearing Screener features

Cutting-edge features make the Hearing Screener a simple and efficient way to identify and capture potential patients while addressing several common needs that health care providers have.

Helps with lead generation

  • Customizable and easily embeds on health clinic sites
  • Provides patient’s contact information for follow-ups 
  • Evaluates the number of engagements on the dashboard and offers detailed reports from each user who completes it

Meets patients' needs

  • Helps build awareness of hearing loss and protection against hearing loss
  • Guides patients through four questions regarding situational hearing, followed by three-tone tests
  • Provides estimated hearing loss results with next steps and contacts 

Provides data and insights

  • Presents the opportunity to do a first fit on a hearing aid
  • Offers a way to estimate hearing loss as a baseline, although it cannot replace a thorough audiometry and does not claim to be a clinical test
  • Captures dBHL measurements for each of the frequencies tested, and accesses detailed reports from each user


1. Lester, J., Hall, A. (2023, January 19). Best Online Hearing Tests Of 2023. Forbes Health.