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Hearing aid apps

Our free, easy-to-use smartphone apps feature an enhanced user experience so you can get the most out of your Phonak devices when you connect them to the app.

  • Take control of your hearing experience 

  • Customize your hearing aid settings to make them personal to your hearing needs 

  • Get hearing aid care and remote fittings without the need for in-office visits to your hearing care professional

myPhonak hearing aid app interface.
For customization


Packed with value-added features and unique personalization options, the myPhonak app empowers you to take control of your hearing health while fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • Directly connects to your Phonak hearing aids
  • Enhanced hearing controls and personalization options
  • Connects remotely to your hearing care professional
Two happy girls about 4 years old - one of them has a red hearing aid in her left ear.
For children and parents

myPhonak Junior

Similar in functionality to myPhonak, myPhonak Junior was designed with children and parents in mind, allowing kids to control and customize their hearing aids.

  • Parental control restricts unsupervised access to Remote Support
  • Remote Support helps busy parents coordinate appointments for their child
  • Quick tips and helpful reminders allow children to be in control of their hearing aids
  • Children can customize their settings for school, TV watching, and more
  • Designed for kids 18 years old or younger, with parental support suggested for younger kids
myRogerMic app
For Roger On™


Control your Roger On™ microphone directly from your mobile phone instead of having to touch the microphone to adjust the settings.

  • Choose microphone modes to fit your listening situation
  • Steer the direction of the beams toward the person or people you want to focus on to avoid distracting side conversations
  • Mute or unmute your surroundings
  • Check battery level and device status
  • Adjust settings quickly and discreetly