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Essential building blocks for your child’s development

Durable, tamperproof solutions that give little ones access to the sounds that will become the foundation for spoken language.

Hearing aids for infants and toddlers

Infants and toddlers are just starting to explore the world of sound, and their equipment needs to be secure and easy for parents to handle.

Providing auditory stimulation as early as possible is important for a child with hearing loss. In most cases, this usually means wearing a properly-fitting hearing aid as much as possible. Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are best for this age group, as they provide the comfort, stability and safety needed.

Durability is also critical, as these hearing aids will be put to the test by your curious, growing child. Consider your family dynamics when choosing a hearing aid solution for your child. Natural, easy family communication can be accomplished with a variety of Phonak pediatric solutions.

A solid foundation

Because hearing well is essential for a child's development

Sky™ V
Roger™ Clip-On Mic

Sky™ V

The optimal pediatric hearing portfolio

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Roger™ Clip-On Mic

The discreet microphone for parents

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Simple functionality

For parents and young listeners, a hearing aid should be easy to use. Sky V behind-the-ear models are equipped with an easy to understand indicator light.

Safe and sound for little hands

Phonak complies to the IEC standard of tamperproofing for children aged up to 36 months.

Don't hold back

Designed for your little active explorer, Phonak Sky™ V hearing aids are robust, water resistant and dust tight.

The foundation for speech development

SoundRecover2 provides maximum access to high-frequency speech sounds – essential for developing speech and language.

Phonak Soundscapes
Stimulate the development of spoken language and listening skills in children

Listening is now a lot more fun

The Listening Room™ is a host of free, fun activities and resources to support and stimulate the development of spoken language and listening skills in children of all ages, whatever their degree of hearing loss

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Mix & Match your Phonak Sky V hearing aid

Mix and match colors

Let little ones play around and see how Phonak Sky V looks in their favorite color combos.

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