Clear. Confident. Connected.

Be in the conversation. Hear the world, your way.

Cool solutions with comprehensive functions.

Be in the conversation. Live in the moment. Hear your world, your way.

Solutions for teens

Hearing loss doesn’t affect just one thing - it can have an impact on all aspects of your life. That’s why Phonak has designed solutions to keep you cool, calm and connected.

Best solution for streaming and connectivity

Marvel offers direct connectivity to iOS™, Android™ and Bluetooth® enabled phones. It also seamlessly connects to numerous, everyday electronics. And, there’s more! Marvel acts like wireless stereo headphones so music, videos and calls stream directly to your hearing aids.

Packshot Marvel family Audeo Sky

The go-to solution for noise and over distance

Teens at school


These are the world's first pediatric hearing aids that stream directly from Roger microphones. So whether in noise or over distance, Phonak offers the ultimate solution.

Roger Pen

Roger Pen™

A powerful microphone that picks up both voices and audio from electronic devices and streams sound wirelessly to your hearing aids.  


Roger Select™

Roger Select is a microphone specifically designed to help boost your hearing performance and keep you at the heart of the conversation.


Planning guide for teens with hearing loss


This guide helps to prepare teens and young adults with hearing loss for the transition to college, university or the workplace.