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Roger™ wireless microphones

Boost understanding in noise and over distance

  • Full speech understanding

    Understand up to 62% more in noise and over distance compared to people with no hearing loss

  • Hassle-free

    Microphone settings automatically adjust to noise levels and speakers around you

  • Connected wherever

    Effective for use at home, school, work or play plus multimedia connectivity

  • Roger for everyone

    Regardless what hearing aid or cochlear implant you use, there is a compatible Roger receiver

  • Delightful designs

    Roger microphones come in appealing designs and delightful color options

Eloise Garland, music student

"As a musician, the Phonak Roger has made a huge impact on my life"

Your Roger microphones and Receiver options

The right solution for every situation

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Comfort Audio Systems

Many hearing aid users and almost all cochlear implant recipients struggle to hear well in group discussions, noisy environments or during phone calls. We offer a full line of Comfort Audio products that supplement hearing aids. 

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