Phonak RemoteControl App FAQ

The app will no longer pair with my hearing aids, ComPilot II, or ComPilot Air II. Why not?

The Phonak RemoteControl is no longer able to pair with devices because it has become incompatible with the latest update of the iOS system to Version 13.

iOS - Users who have upgraded their iPhone to iOS Version 13 will no longer be able to pair with the app.

Android - Users who already have the app installed, it will continue to work on their current software version.

The Phonak RemoteControl is no longer available for further download and will not be replaced.

Remote control functionality that was offered through the app is still available through the ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II, we recommend for users to use this instead of the app.

Please also note that music streaming and phone calls can still be used between the devices, as they use a Bluetooth Classic connection which is independent of the app. It is only the app pairing which no longer works with the iOS 13 update.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: or

Pairing to a smartphone

Step by step instructions on how to pair the app to a smartphone is available at the beginning of the app. Please also see the user guide that is available on with more instructions.  

Additional pairing to an Apple iPhone

In addition to the app pairing process, your iPhone also needs to be paired to the Phonak streamer. Make sure the Phonak streamer is in pairing mode. In your iOS settings, select Bluetooth and choose your [Device name] from the list.

Do I have to pair the RemoteControl App with hearing aids

No. The App has to be paired only to a Phonak streamer like ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II

Does the app need to be programmed by the hearing care professional?

No. The app can be downloaded from an app store and installed at any time.

Can I use several Phonak RemoteControl apps with one streamer?

A Phonak steamer can be connected only to one Phonak RemoteControl App at a time.

Can the app be used without a connection to a Phonak streamer to see functionality?

No. If you open the app for the first time, you can select a Demo mode to see the app functionality even without a connection to a streamer. In demo mode, no control of the hearing aids is possible.

How can I pair the app with another Phonak streamer?

Select “Pair new streamer” under the Settings screen in the app and follow the instructions.

No connection to the Phonak streamer

I cannot connect the app to my streamer.

Remedy 1
Make sure that you have a ComPilot Air II or a ComPilot II and not a ComPilot.
The connected streamer needs to be turned on and in pairing mode.

Remedy 2
Check if Bluetooth is enabled on the phone.

Remedy 3
There is missing information on the streamer, which is needed for the app. Contact your hearing care professional.

Remedy 4
Check the phone`s operation system. It needs to run on iOS 7 or 8 OR on Android 4.0 or higher.

Remedy 5
In some cases the phone needs to be rebooted. Please follow the steps:
1. Clear the Bluetooth table on the streamer and reboot it
2. Go to the phone settings and turn the Bluetooth off and then on again
3. Reboot the phone
4. Go to the phone settings, select Bluetooth and pair the streamer with the phone
5. Start the app and repeat the pairing steps in the app

Connection status of my hearing system

The ‘connection status’ can be checked in the settings menu of the app. Follow the instructions to see if the app, streamer and hearing aids are all connected.

List of available programs

In advanced screen mode, select “Programs” to see the available programs of the hearing aids.

Streamer configuration

The app can be used to configure some settings on the streamer. If the streamer was connected to a computer at the hearing care professionals office, these settings will be reset when the streamer is connected to the Phonak fitting software. Please customize the streamer configuration again.

Volume level indication

The volume level indication is synchronized with the streamer. Volume changes made on the hearing aids cannot be shown or synchronized on the app.

Separate streaming volume adjustment

This is only possible when streaming from the Phonak TVLink II. With any other connected Bluetooth audio source, this function is not available.

App is showing as streaming

Some phones have touch sounds or keypad tones, which could simulate a streaming to the app, so a quick streaming will be shown and stopped again automatically. Go to your phone settings, select sounds and make sure that all touch sounds and keypad tones are deactivated.