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Phonak Charger Ease

Batteries and chargers

Our rechargeable lithium-ion technology delivers a full day of hearing and streaming so you can get the best possible performance out of your hearing aids.

  • Hassle-free integrated batteries tested to last six years**

  • Water and dust resistant (IP68 rating)

  • Products with this technology include: Phonak Audéo™ Lumity, Phonak Audéo™ Paradise, Phonak Naída™ Lumity, Phonak Naída ™ Paradise,  Phonak Sky™ Lumity Phonak Sky™ Marvel, and Phonak Bolero™ Marvel

Batteries and chargers

Rechargeable technology provides more reliable solutions by continuous investments in engineering and firmware upgrades. There is a surging demand for rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aids and it is the preferred choice for end consumers and audiologists due to their longer lifetime, easy handling, reliability and multi-charge capacity.

Types of hearing aid battery chargers

There are seven smart charging options for your lithium-ion batteries to choose from. No matter which one you go with, you can expect ease-of-use at the touch of a button.

Phonak Charger Ease

Phonak Charger Ease

  • The charger solution for Audéo L-R/RT and CROS L-R
  • Magnetic retention of hearing aids and magnetic closure of the lid
Phonak Charger Case Go

Phonak Charger Case Go™

  • To be used with Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids for on-the-go charging
  • Inductive charger with internal battery
  • Use up to three times on a single charge to restore depleted hearing aids
Phonak Charge and Care hearing aid charger

Phonak Charge and Care

  • Dries hearing aids with active ventilated air flow
  • Treats hearing aids with UV light
  • Takes just three hours to charge a completely depleted hearing aid
Phonak Life Charger

Phonak Charger Case Combi

  • To be used with Audéo Paradise and Audéo Marvel rechargeable hearing aids
  • Can also be used as a protective hardcase for transporting hearing aids
  • Includes a compartment for a capsule to dry your hearing aids while charging or transporting
  • Provides a full day of battery run-time after three hours of charging
  • With the optional clip-on Phonak Power Pack, you can charge your hearing aids on the go
Phonak Charger Combi BTE

Phonak Charger Combi BTE 2

  • The charger solution for Naída L-PR and Sky L-PR, with improved reliability compared to Charger Combi BTE
  • Can be combined with a Power Pack for charging on the go
Phonak hearing aid charger case.

Phonak Power Pack

  • To be used with Phonak Charger Combi and Charger Combi BTE when there is no external power source
  • Connects to an external power source to charge both the hearing aids and Power Pack together
Hearing aid zinc batteries s312 - 6-pack.
Hearing aid batteries s312

Types of batteries

There are several hearing aid battery types and sizes that are color-coded for easy identification.

Thin Foil Technology (TFT)

These batteries are the latest development in the market with a very high energy density, providing more capacity and a longer battery life compared to other well-established hearing aid batteries by up to 15%*. These batteries have been developed to support individuals who wear hearing aids meet modern-day challenges, and allow wearers to enjoy long conversations, hours of streaming, and everyday life. Ask your hearing care professional for Phonak private label batteries with this state-of-the art technology.

Mercury-Free Zinc Air

These environmentally friendly batteries use air as an energy source with a tab that seals the air holes. Once the tab is removed, it takes about two minutes before the battery is activated. If it’s not activated correctly, the battery could get damaged and won’t have the required voltage level to work properly. These batteries have a minimum shelf-life of two years, and when you’re ready to dispose of them, it’s recommended to recycle.
A variety of micro batteries are available at our hearing care professional network, please ask your provider to find the best and most convenient solution for you.

Rechargeable ACCU Plus

These high-quality, reliable batteries are fast-charging, high-performing, and can be used in most hearing aids. They don’t contain any heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, or lead, and are subject to strict safety and quality checks. They also feature a quality seal to guarantee maximum product protection, as well as a re-closeable clip to keep them safe.

Charger case with Phonak Audeo B-R hearing aid.
Asian woman using the smartphone at home

Extending the life of your batteries

From incorrectly storing your hearing aids, to not waiting long enough for the battery to activate, there are a few things to be aware of when making sure your batteries last and work as long as possible.

Proper care and handling

The running time of your hearing aid battery depends on several factors, but there are ways you can extend it with proper care and handling to get the best performance out of your batteries.

Factors that can shorten your battery’s running time:

  • Hours of use per day
  • Streaming mode, which requires more battery energy
  • Exposure to moisture
  • Incorrectly storing the hearing aids in the wrong temperature, a warm, humid environment, or near metal objects such as keys 
  • The type and features of the hearing aid being used
  • Improperly activating the hearing aids after removing the battery tab

Troubleshooting and safety

Despite getting a new battery, it’s possible that you could still have problems with your hearing aids not working. Luckily, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot your issues before going to a hearing care provider.

Factors that can stop your hearing aids from working:

  • Not waiting enough time for the battery to be activated after removing the tab
  • A dented battery surface, which causes poor contact with the battery terminal of the hearing aid
  • Build-up of dirt on the battery terminal of the hearing aid
  • A dead battery, which can happen when it’s not activated correctly 
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Find a provider

Whether you’re looking for help with hearing loss or want to get set up with hearing aids, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.


* based on data from first 18 months post launch
**Accelerated capacity lab testing at room temperature
***16hrs of battery on a single charge, including 8hrs of everyday listening, 4hrs of Bluetooth streaming and 4 hours of TV streaming.
Battery life may be minimally reduced when using ActiveVent receiver.

1. Nilsson, M. & Omisore, D., (2017). The Phonak rechargeable solution: Part 2. Phonak Field Study News, retrieved from, accessed February 19th, 2018.