The contact lens for your ear.

  • 100% Invisible
  • Clear, natural sound
  • No daily hassles
  • No batteries to change

Lyric - the world’s first 100% invisible hearing aid

The Lyric hearing aid is a true innovation in hearing solutions. The device is hidden inside the ear canal, utilising its natural shape to capture sound and offer users a highly discreet hearing aid.

Maintaining hearing shouldn’t be hard work, and with Lyric you might even forget you are wearing a hearing aid. It’s water resistant and exclusive battery technology means it can perform 24/7 for up to 120 days at a time.

Welcome to Lyric, a new way to hear better.

When our developers set out to create the perfect hearing solution they knew that situating the device as close to the ear drum as possible would help achieve the most natural environment to capture and amplify sound.

Lyric, the world's first and only 100% invisible hearing device that delivers natural sound

Innovating in acoustics, processing and power, Lyric utilises micro-engineering to capture and amplify sound efficiently with minimal processing. The device is designed to be worn 24/7 for months at a time without the need for battery replacements or other types of maintenance, thanks to patented moisture protection systems and breathable materials.

Find out how Lyric has helped change lives, use our checklist to find out if the Lyric invisible hearing aid is for you, or find a certified Lyric provider in your area who can assess your needs.

Lyric invisible hearing aid is designed to be worn 24/7 for months at a time.

The single best thing about Lyric is that you are independent. You’re not restricted in terms of your activities.

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Prospective Lyric wearer FAQs

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Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See a Lyric provider to determine if Lyric is right for you. 

* Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be submerged under water.

** Professional fees may apply. Annual subscription begins the first day of trial.