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Reach more patients with social media

Using social media within your marketing strategy is about creating practice awareness and generating patient leads. The challenge is to create content that gets that engagement and meets your patients where they are on social media.

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Understand how your patients use social media

  • 58.4% of people globally use social media for an average of 2hrs and 27 minutes daily.
  • 27% of internet users discover new companies online through ads on social media
  • 53% of users research brands, products and services online before purchasing.
  • 23% are following companies or brands that they have purchased from.

Patient care

More people are taking responsibility for their health and turning to digital media for information and solutions. They are looking for practical life tips, information to support self-directed research and creative learning opportunities.

Expand the patient experience

Using a content strategy that aligns with your other marketing increases the effectiveness of your overall activities. Patients use multiple social media apps daily, looking for unique content on each platform. 78.1% of Facebook users also use Instagram. Patients respond better to content that fits the platform they are using.

By investing in social media to expand your marketing efforts with engaging content, you can connect with more patients in more ways.   Phonak has created a content calendar to help you map out your messages to achieve a unified marketing experience.

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Source:  Mitto + DemandMetric – 2021 Benchmark Report:  The state of customer engagement in B2C marketing