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Accelerate your business growth & future readiness with Phonak

You may be in business for yourself, you are not alone. As a Phonak partner we can help support you, your practice and patients to help you grow and succeed now and into the future.

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Get marketing support with Phonak

A partnership with Phonak goes beyond just great products and extends to outstanding business support. We asked over 450 practice owners like you what are the most challenging aspects of running a business, and one of the top areas identified was creating and designing marketing pieces and advertisements. 

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Phonak has been committed to changing lives through development of cutting-edge hearing solutions. For over 75 years, our commitment has been to innovation and striving for superior quality, reliability and unparallel precision. Our current technology lives up to that reputation.

We value our partnerships and want to ensure that the businesses working with us have everything they need to succeed and grow. Creating both digital and traditional marketing pieces, through content writing and design, can be time consuming.

Through our Value Added Services, we can support you in the strategy, creation and customization of multi-channel assets such as: 

  • Social Media Campaigns  
  • Direct Mail  
  • Newspaper Ads  
  • Database Letters/Emails 

Improve practice awareness

Our marketing experts have strategically designed these pieces to help you stand out in your market and successfully communicate your desired message to your target audience. Learn more about how partnering with Phonak can improve your practice awareness and alleviate some of the heavy lifting involved in running your own practice!


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5 tech trends in hearing devices

Today it has become an expectation from patients that their hearing technology matches their lifestyle needs. Knowing current and growing trends in technology related to hearing technology allows you to select the best products and solutions that align with those trends. Here are five tech trends that are shaping the market and making hearing devices more accessible to everyone.

  1. Remote Support: Patients can take hearing tests, get a consultation, order new devices online, and then get help with settings and adjustments – all from the comfort of their own homes. This will expand the market to patients who otherwise might be discouraged by in-person visits.  
  2. Health assessment functionality: Currently the research and development phase are hearing aids with features that can detect heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, blood oxygen concentration, and even fall detection technology. These are expected to launch over the next few years and capture a large portion of the market. 

  3. Bluetooth® compatibility: Now patients can reduce feedback and improve the signal-to-noise ratio by directly connecting their hearing aids to wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices like doorbells and smoke alarms. Users can bypass the microphone, monitor battery life, and adjust functions straight from their phone. 

  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Breakthrough technology in deep neural networks has allowed hearing aid devices empowered with AI to learn about environments and preferences. Users then have a more hands-free approach, as the device adjusts automatically to different scenarios. Data gathered from millions of devices can offer better insight into when necessary upgrades or repairs. 

  5. Increased durability in hearing devices: Patients are looking for hearing aids that can stand up to their lifestyles as well as provide them peace of mind, whether it’s going out in the rain or working out – all without worry.

As hearing consumers continue to adopt technology, specifically to meet their health needs, Phonak continues to put those needs and trends at the forefront of the products and services we design and provide. 

If you’re committed to proactively staying ahead of your competition, you can position yourself for future success by leading the way with new offerings in hearing services and products adapted for the patients you serve. 1

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The type of care a patient may want can be just as unique as their hearing loss. The care you provide your patients today might not be suitable for what your patients are looking for in the future. In an IDA Institute study, the organization provided insights on what hopes patients have for the future of hearing care.

Here is just a sample of what was shared:

  • Personalized, flexible care     
  • Focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of hearing loss 
  • To be able to choose between different care models (physical appointments, remote care, direct to consumers)   
  • Convenience and accessibility 
  • New technology and AI with “a human face” that empowers consumers 
  • Preventive care with a focus on overall health and well-being 
  • The home as the center of care with support from the family 
  • Transparent and fair pricing models 
  • Trust, partnership and shared decision-making between the care provider and receiver

So, what does this mean for business owners? Consumer organization representatives stress that hearing care professionals need to remain accessible to those patients who want to see them in person but also provide options for those who prefer meeting from the comfort of their homes. 

We’re here to help you provide the best patient experience. Phonak partners receive exclusive access to valuable training on various focused topics, such as how to balance remote support and in-practice appointments in order to provide the best service. 2

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What’s worse than an empty chair?

If having a patient in your chair is a good thing, and not having a patient in your chair is a bad thing, what could be worse? It’s when you run out of capacity to effectively manage and treat your patient population in a reasonable amount of time. You will know this is happening because your patients will complain!

The challenge then is do you:

  1. Cut back on your patient base?

  2. Hire more clinicians and acquire more equipment?

  3. Move to a new location?

Phonak is here to help answer these questions and support your financial needs. When you partner with us, we can provide financing up to 100% and even offer business consultation after the loan is secured.



1. Global Hearing-Aid Devices Market: 2017-2027 Forecast and Opportunities, 2022 

2. “Future Hearing Journeys Report.” Ida Institute. Accessed May 19, 2022