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Personalized hearing

myPhonak App

Packed with value-added features and unique personalization options, myPhonak is a free, easy-to-use smartphone app that empowers you to take control of your hearing, promotes well-being, and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • NEW Optional Two-Factor Authentication1
  • NEW Widget for quick access to most popular features
  • Directly connects to your Phonak hearing aids for a personalized hearing experience
  • Captures health data and monitors your hearing aid usage
  • Connects remotely to your hearing care professional
  • Optional Dark Mode available in the app for those who prefer a darker theme​
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Improved ease of use and security

Introducing additional functionalities to make your hearing experience more seamless and secure than ever before.

State-of-the-art security

myPhonak account holders now have access to an additional, optional layer of security with Two-Factor Authentication1. In addition to entering a password to log in, Two-Factor Authentication requires users to enter a code that is sent to their registered email address or mobile number.  

This optional layer of security can be set up in three easy steps:

  1. Sign on to myPhonak account
  2. Choose the other verification method: email or phone
  3. Enter the verification code received
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Personalization at your fingertips

The most popular myPhonak features are now accessible directly to your home screen. With the myPhonak widgets², you can easily check and make adjustments to:

  • Connection status, active program and battery state of charge (iOS users only)
  • Volume, active program and mute (Android users only)

Download the app to create an account 

Create a myPhonak account to benefit from:

  • Wearing time, steps and heart rate tracking3
  • A secure account to store your health data 
  • Two-Factor Authentication 

Control your personalized hearing experience

Preset your hearing aids to the volume you find most comfortable and choose programs for defined listening situations that adapt to your unique hearing needs. Features include:

  • Dynamic noise cancellation, speech focus, and more
  • Three pre-set scenario-based programs from Phonak Target, including Restaurant, Watching TV, and Music
myPhonak hearing aid app interface.
myPhonak hearing aid interface - health and well-being functions.

Feel empowered in your health and well-being

A variety of health-tracking features keep you motivated to reach your hearing health and well-being goals, with additional features like:

  • Comprehensive snapshot of your health data
  • Functions such as Steps4, Activity Levels4, Heart Rate Tracking3, and Distance Walked and Ran4
  • Optional goal-setting for Steps4 and Wearing Time in different sound environments
myPhonak hearing aid interface - remote support functions.

Get remote fittings at your convenience

Find comfort in knowing that you can connect with your hearing care professional for additional support—by appointment whenever you need it. Features include:

  • Convenient remote video appointments
  • Real-time hearing aid adjustments in any environment
  • Remote hearing tests through AudiogramDirect

Adapt your hearing aids to your unique needs

Set up your devices to suit your unique hearing needs by checking on the status of your hearing aids and managing your hearing aid programs. Features include:

  • Status information, such as battery charge
  • Setting up Bluetooth® phone calls and streaming
  • Setting up Tap Control
  • Creating custom programs
myPhonak hearing aid interface - settings and program management.

Download the app now

Connectivity and compatibility

myPhonak can be used on Bluetooth® enabled smartphones and with compatible hearing aids that have Bluetooth connectivity. Check with your hearing care professional about using the Remote Support feature, which is available in most, but not all, countries. 


myPhonak can be used on Apple iPhones with iOS® Version 15 or newer, or Google Mobile Services certified Android™ devices supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Android OS 8.0 or newer.

Browse other hearing apps

From apps that help you manage your mics, to apps specifically designed for children, Phonak offers a variety of options to make your life and the life of your loved ones simpler.

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MyPhonak App

Frequently asked questions

The hearing aids are set up and fitted to your unique hearing needs by a hearing care professional. Remote Control in the myPhonak app allows for simple and advanced sound modifications such as volume control, control of special features, and customized programs for unique listening situations, based on the fitting done by your hearing care professional.

Our video for more information on how to use remote control and advanced settings.


  1. Open the myPhonak app and make sure their hearing aids are on and are connected to the app
  2. Click on [Support] > [Start a session] > [Start Remote Support] > [Join waiting room]
  3. Accept the incoming call

With Remote Control you can make simple and advanced sound modifications and update an existing program or save your changes as a new program. Contact your hearing care professional to discuss whether changes you've done can be saved into your automatic programs to minimize additional fine-tuning needs during the day.

You can set (optional) motivational goals with all Lumity and Paradise rechargeable hearing aids. With the latest myPhonak app, you can set goals and view the average wearing time of the hearing aids in different sound environments - Calm situations, Noisy situations, Music and Streaming - which can help them to acclimatize in a variety of different listening situations. Additionally, goals for steps can be set. Setting goals for wearing time and steps could motivate you to increase your hearing aid usage and activity.

How to use Health Section Audéo Fit

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Date Published: February 2023

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Date Published: November 2022

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Available for myPhonak account holders only

Widget functions differ on iOS® and Android®

Available on Audéo Fit only

4 Available on Paradise rechargeable, Audeo Fit and Lumity devices

5 Available on Audeo Fit and Lumity devices 

6 Advanced Remote Control and Remote Support not available

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