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Audéo L-R Receiver-in Canal hearing aid between fingers of a female in her 60s

Conversations shine with Lumity

Hearing can be challenging in different situations. With Phonak Lumity we provide you with improved speech understanding in noise¹, making it easier for you to concentrate on what you really want to hear³. Dive deep into conversations around you and enjoy effortless hearing, wherever you are.

Hear the quiet-talking barista

Being able to immerse and participate in a conversation, in the presence of background noise, is challenging especially with a hearing loss. Phonak Lumity addresses this with the combination of directional microphones and noise cancellation.  

Smiling female barista standing with a big cup of coffee in her hand.

An enlightening hearing experience

Because no matter who is speaking, Conversations shine with Lumity.

Phonak Audéo L-R hearing aid
Made for easier hearing in challenging situations

Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Audéo Lumity focuses on giving you improved speech understanding¹ with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology so you can enjoy conversations in many challenging listening situations.

  • Enjoy easier hearing in many situations³
  • Enjoy universal connectivity with your personal devices
  • Precise detection of speech from any direction Get more health insights and monitor your well-being with myPhonak app
  • First fully rechargeable product range

Wearing hearing aids regularly and as recommended by the hearing care professional can improve your overall well-being.5

Diverse group of people gathered around a table, smiling and talking.
Diverse group of people gathered around a table, smiling and talking.

Addressing listening challenges with key solutions

Phonak Lumity, the first fully rechargeable Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) portfolio, delivers unique products and features that help to fully immerse clients in conversations.

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Benefits of rechargeable technology

Did you know that rechargeable technology is the preferred choice for hearing aid wearers and hearing care professionals? In fact, three out of four previous generation Phonak devices sold were rechargeable.

Better for you

A rechargeable hearing aid is easy to use and has no battery hassles. Plus, you have access to additional hearing performance features only available because of rechargeable technology.

Better for loved ones

Rechargeable hearing aids are safer to use. There are no batteries for small children or pets to accidentally get hold of.

Better for the environment

Your clients will save an average of 800 disposable batteries during the lifetime of a pair of hearing aids.**


Charger options

Kvinde, som står indenfor med hendes laptop i hænderne.

Find a provider

Whether you’re looking for help with hearing loss or want to get set up with hearing aids, we can help you find a hearing care professional near you.

Find the right hearing aids for you

Everyone’s listening and communication needs differ, which is why we offer a range of hearing solutions to find the right one for you.

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* up to 50 cm

** Calculation of 800 batteries is based on an average of 5 days per battery, with life expectancy of hearing aid at 5-6year.

***16hrs of battery on a single charge, including 8hrs of everyday listening, 4hrs of Bluetooth streaming and 4 hours of TV streaming.
Battery life may be minimally reduced when using ActiveVent receiver.

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