Phonak EasyCall II

The no-compromise cell phone solution

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    Maximum speech understanding

    Cell phone calls  streamed directly to both hearing aids

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    Use with any cell phone

    Connect with Bluetoothâ„¢ to even non-smartphones and older models

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    Stay connected

    Never lost or forgotten. Always ready when you get a call

Phonak EasyCall II connects Phonak wireless hearing aids to your cell phone. It is permanently attached and connected to the phone and streams conversations directly to both hearing aids, for unmatched sound quality and maximum speech understanding. Thanks to this direct-streaming solution, you can keep your preferred cell phone and Phonak wireless hearing aids.

The right solution for every situation

Understanding in noise with hearing aids

Understanding in noise

Follow the conversation, however loud the situation
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Group understanding with hearing aids

Group understanding

Keep up with the conversation
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Understanding over distance with hearing aids

Understanding over distance

Always feel like you're sitting in the first row
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Hearing multiple speakers individually with hearing aids

Hearing multiple speakers individually

Connect to more than one microphone, for full understanding

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Enhanced entertainment with hearing aids

Enhanced entertainment

Connect audio sources to your hearing aid
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Mobile conversations with hearing aids

Mobile conversations

Transmit cell-phone calls directly to your hearing aid
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Fixed-line conversations with hearing aids

Fixed-line conversations

Get home and office phone calls automatically transmitted to your hearing aid  
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Online conversations with hearing aids

Online conversations

Improve understanding in VoIP calls
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Easily manage your hearing aid settings

Take control

Easily manage your hearing aid settings
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