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Join the historic search for the world’s most beautiful, breathtaking and inspiring sounds. Recorded by you. Liked by you. Selected by 7 judges and heard by the world.

Submit a video of your wonder of sound no later than October 8. The sound should be beautiful, interesting, memorable, and evoke good feelings and happiness. Winners will receive a fabulous prize package, including a Spotify gift card, Apple AirPods Pro and more!


The announcement of the winners of the
7 Wonders of Sound

Phonak Paradise proudly presents the official 7 Wonders of Sound


On October 22, 2020, a panel of expert judges will select the winners and determine the official 7 Wonders of Sound. Each day another wonder of sound will then be announced until the 7 Wonders of Sound are complete.


Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan has played bass on dozens of records and toured all over the world for many decades. His playing, singing, songwriting and contributions to his many recordings have resulted in millions of records sold, platinum and gold status worldwide, Reader’s Poll Awards too many to list, No #1 hits, No #1 videos, sold-out shows and most importantly, the mutual love, friendship and respect between himself and many millions of fans around the globe.


Maclain Drake

Business owner and artist manager, Maclain Drake is one of the many protectors of the hearing loss world. He’s well known for Vibe Music Events, a project that throws inclusive shows for those with hearing loss. He also manages Atarii, an international artist, which allows Maclain to incorporate many ADA issues that he seeks to change in the music industry. These are just a few roles he holds as he continues to help build a brighter tomorrow for those with hearing loss.


Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is well known as the guitar player in MR. BIG as well as for their song, "To Be With You." Paul's legend looms large in the guitar community from his records with the band, RACER X, from his "Intense Rock" instructional videos, and from being a long-time Ibanez guitar endorser and designer. Paul also has an Online Rock Guitar School at Artistworks, where he has recorded nearly 10,000 video for his students.


Kaylin Yost

Kaylin Yost is a retired professional golfer and a 2017 Deaflympics Gold Medalist. She was born with two dislocated hips, and doctors told her parents she would never be able to walk. After two hip operations and 16 months in a body cast, Kaylin was then diagnosed with severe hearing loss in both ears. Despite all these obstacles, Kaylin learned to excel in golf through college and as a pro while continuing to advocate for kids with hearing loss today.


Dr. Cliff

Dr. Cliff Olson is an audiologist and keynote speaker who holds his doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During his service as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper, a unilateral hearing loss was discovered by a military audiologist, introducing Dr. Cliff to the profession. Shortly after completing his degree, he started Applied Hearing Solutions — his practice that’s dedicated to providing exceptional audiologic care. He also started his YouTube channel, Dr. Cliff AuD, to educate consumers on the importance of professional audiologic care.


Andrea Mingo

Andrea Mingo is currently a health coach manager for Noom. She’s also a health and wellness advocate and student as well as a retired professional women's basketball player. Andrea’s a staunch supporter of the deaf and hard of hearing communities through advocacy as the founder of Sounds of Serenity, a non-profit organization. After losing her hearing to a battle with bacterial meningitis as an undergraduate at Purdue University, she commissioned herself to make hearing aids and other auxiliary services more accessible to children in need.


Julie Grunloh

Julie Grunloh is a professional, athlete and advocate living with hearing loss since the age of 12. While Julie spends her days working in finance in the pharmaceutical industry, her time outside the office is spent training and competing in endurance running and triathlon events, as well as coaching athletes in these disciplines. Since 2013, she has been an active volunteer with the Center for Hearing & Speech, a non-profit dedicated to creating a world where there is open access to communication services for all.



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