What do I do if I need help with
my hearing aid?

Phonak is committed to supporting your hearing care provider with repairs in order to get your hearing aid back working again as quickly as possible.1

Checks you can do yourself

  1. First, try changing your battery for a new one or charging your hearing aids if they are rechargeable.

  2. Next, check that there are no blockages to the sound outlet:

    • If you wear a RIC (receiver in the canal) hearing aid, check the dome is clean and free of wax. If it requires a change, remove and discard it and replace with a new dome from your pack. See this instruction video for guidance 
    • With the dome removed, check that the wax filter in the speaker port is also clear of wax and debris. Follow the instructions in this short video to change the filter if required
    • If you wear a hearing aid with an earmold, check that your earmold tubing is clear. Follow these instructions to clean your mold 
    • If you wear a custom in the ear hearing aid, follow these instructions to change your wax filter 
    • Contact your provider to send you filters, domes, batteries or cleaning kits in the post should run out
  1. If your device is still not working after you perform the above maintenance checks, contact your hearing care professional by phone or email. They may need to send your hearing aid in for repair and will be able to guide you on the best and safest way to get your device to them during these times of social distancing.

If your hearing care professional is physically closed for COVID and you need a repair, Phonak can help. Contact your hearing care professional. Phonak then helps organize a box and shipping label to be sent to your home. Use this to send in your hearing aid. After repairing your hearing aid, Phonak then ships it back to you directly. Getting your hearing aids repaired has never been easier.¹

By participating in the direct-to-consumer repair program, some personal information will need to be shared with Phonak e.g. mailing address.

Hearing aid repair journey

Further cleaning and care

It’s also important to reduce the potential build-up of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, and to decrease the risk of eczema and ear infections. Phonak offers a wide range of products and tools to ensure optimal hygiene amd maintenance and to promote well-functioning hearing instruments.

Roger microphones are also frequently used for better understanding in classrooms. Therefore, it’s important to sanitize these devices on a regularl basis. Below, you will find a guideline with recommendations for the sanitization of Roger products in classrooms.

Find an Audiologist in your area

Find an Audiologist

Let us help you find a hearing specialist near you. They can provide more information about hearing health, have your hearing checked and go over your options.

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¹ This service is so far available in the US, CA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark.