Tinnitus treatment testimonials

Real-life accounts of relief from tinnitus using different approaches

Joan Meyers, 68, retired school teacher

Joan has suffered from tinnitus for over 10 years. Over the years she sought help from many various health care professionals who could not help her, so she learnt to live with it.Five years ago Joan lost her husband and her tinnitus suddenly became severe. She consulted her specialist who referred to her local audiologist. The audiologist tested her hearing and found there was a moderate hearing loss, which Joan did not realise she had. She was fitted with Audeo™ V 70 hearing aids bilaterally.

Immediately, Joan noticed a significant reduction in the awareness of her tinnitus. It was much more of a background noise, which meant she was able to tune it out. She now is able to enjoy having her family around for dinner, and her weekly bridge club. But most importantly, Joan has returned to her favourite pasttime of knitting and sewing for her grand-children.

William Holmes, 30, professional musician

William plays in an orchestra and also enjoys playing music with friends. Six months ago he attended a gig at a local bar. He is usually very careful about hearing protection, but this time he was caught off-guard when there was sudden loud feedback from a nearby amp. Straight away he noticed ringing in his left ear.He consulted an ENT who ruled out any noise-induced hearing loss and prescribed a course of cortisone to try help with the tinnitus. Although the tinnitus improved slightly, after six months it is still present and very annoying. Good hearing is vital for William, and in desperation he searched online for various treatments, none of which helped - until he found an audiologist who specialized in tinnitus.

The audiologist fitted him bilaterally with Audeo V 30 devices with noise generator activated and ComPilot Air II to use with the Phonak Balance App. William has found this package to be very helpful. The devices are particularly helpful for times when he wants to write music. He has built up an extensive library within the App with his favorite music to help him relax and for his commute to work. However, for William, the thing that helped the most was that his audiologist was confident they would be able to get his tinnitus under control.

George Whiting, 80, retired mechanic 

George has had hearing loss and worn hearing aids for many years, but only started noticing his tinnitus two years ago. He became frustrated and angry and his sleep was also affected.

George's audiologist upgraded his hearing aids, fitting him with Bolero™ V 90 hearing aids, and activated the noise generator. Immediately George noticed that he was able to understand his wife better and the television was a lot clearer. George commented that the noise generator reminded him of the days when he was working in the garage and there was the constant engine hum in the background. He said it was somewhat comforting.

Jillian Smith, 25, receptionist

Jillian recently reported noticing slight ringing in her right ear after suffering from a bad case of sinusitis. The tinnitus is only noticeable at night. It doesn’t really bother her but she finds she does not enjoy reading like she use to, and it takes her much longer to get to sleep at night. Jillian's ENT confirmed that there was no middle or inner ear issue and referred her to an audiologist to have her hearing checked.

The audiologist recommended that Jillian try Phonak's Tinnitus Balance App. Jillian finds the sound of the ocean from the app is very effective in helping her get to sleep at night. She also noted that now that she is sleeping better, her tinnitus does not seem as loud or annoying anymore.

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