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Marvel pushes the boundaries of hearing technology to create a solution that delivers excellent sound quality. It’s easy to use and features all the latest Phonak technology. Marvel connects directly to smartphones, TVs and a variety of everyday electronics. Marvel also features RogerDirect™ which enables Roger microphones to stream directly to the hearing aids.

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    More flexibility

    Direct selection of audio sources or listening direction

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    Understanding everything

    Phonak Bolero Q comes with a host of comfort features that can be set to your individual needs. They effectively eliminate uncomfortable and unwanted sounds whenever they occur.

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    Understanding while driving

    Understand your travelling companions with ease as CROS II streams to your good ear

Hearing health is vital to a person’s overall well-being. According to WHO over 5% of the world’s population – 360 million people – has disabling hearing loss, and 32 million of these are children. The numbers also show that on average, people with hearing loss wait as long as 10 years before seeking help.

Living life to the fullest includes focusing on your hearing health. It is all within reach.