Why Buy Hearing Aids From an Authorized Seller?

When purchasing a hearing aid you want to feel secure that you’re getting a top-quality product with reliable support from a trustworthy source. After all, a hearing aid is a major investment in your hearing health and wellbeing.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting your hearing devices from a licensed audiologist or hearing aid dispenser authorized to sell Phonak products.

While there are alternative marketplaces where you can buy hearing aids online, they aren’t held to the same quality and safety standards. They often sell outdated stock and offer little to no qualified support.

You aren’t guaranteed an authentic device, fit by a licensed hearing care professional and you won’t receive the same high level of care we offer our patients. In other words, they aren’t the best place to buy hearing aids.


The Benefits of Buying from an Authorized Seller

  • You will receive your hearing aids from a fully licensed audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.
  • Your hearing aids will be fit by a trained professional who understands hearing health and can offer advice that fits your individual needs.
  • Authorized sellers can offer the most advanced technology and features such as Bluetooth, tap control and rechargeable batteries.
  • You will be offered a variety of styles and options to match your preferences.
    Audiologists and dispensers can offer remote fitting and online appointments.

In addition to these benefits, authorized sellers often offer other hearing health-related services in their clinic, such as:

  • Excess earwax removal: If your earwax is impacted you can receive help
  • Hearing tests: Get access to hearing tests to find the cause of your hearing loss.
  • Consult on hearing protection: Receive guidance on a wide range of hearing protection products.
  • Advise on balance issues: Access to different balance tests if you are experiencing dizziness and balance issues.
  • Help with tinnitus. Do you have ringing, in your ears? An authorized seller can help with different tinnitus treatments.

Find an Authorized Hearing Aid Seller in your area

Let us help you find an authorized hearing aid seller and schedule an appointment near you. A hearing care professional will provide you with more information about hearing health, have your hearing checked and go over your options.

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