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Listening at work

Work can, at times, be demanding. It can be all the more challenging, however, if you experience hearing loss. Work requires us to communicate and interact on different levels, so having the confidence to hear well and the ability to focus on whatever you choose in challenging listening situations is key. 

Advanced hearing aid technology does a great job of helping you hear friends and colleagues. However, when hearing in noisy places or at a distance, even the most powerful hearing aids have limitations. For this reason, we have developed state-of-the-art wireless microphones to give your hearing aids a boost. Placed on a table or clipped on to a speaker’s clothing, the microphones transmit speech clearly from wherever the conversation takes place.

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Communicate better at work with a Phonak hearing aid 

Hearing loss at work can be extremely detrimental. Communicating with clients and colleagues is essential. From telephone calls to meetings, presentations to conversations, it’s very common for people with a serious hearing loss to create a work-around and compensate for their listening difficulties. This includes tactics like avoiding group discussions for face-to-face conversations or arriving first at a meeting to strategically get the best possible ‘listening’ position. It shouldn’t have to be that way, so to keep you and your career on track, we’ve created various hearing solutions to deal with just about every listening scenario that you’re likely to encounter. 

Better than anything else I’ve tried before

Roger is a wireless technology used…


across all ages


across all degree of hearing loss


across all types of hearing solutions


Hear better at work

Situations with background noise or where the sound source is at a distance are when Roger truly excels.

Microphones for better hearing


Experience the difference!


Listen to how Roger Table Mic II distinguishes spoken words and transmits speech to hearing aids from wherever the conversation takes place.

Click “Start” and use the remote control to turn Roger Table Mic II on and off to hear the difference.


Roger systems needed for work are often, partly or fully, reimbursed. Hearing care professionals offering the Roger portfolio can help you apply for reimbursement and support you in the application process.


Hear better in noisy situations with MultiBeam Technology*

MultiBeam Technology allows for exceptional speech understanding in group conversations. By utilizing multiple microphones in six directions, speech from a 360° radius is calculated and compared. The direction with the best clarity is automatically selected. 


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Regardless of your type of hearing loss, we’ve got the winning combination to suit your needs. Packed with powerful state-of-the-art technology, our hearing aids can be combined with an array of accessories to give you an extra boost whenever necessary. Don’t tolerate hearing loss at work – a Phonak hearing aid is the simple solution. 

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