Bring sound to life with a Phonak hearing aid

Connect to your friends, family, and everything important to you.

Phonak hearing aids - for teenagers with hearing loss

As it is, life as a teenager has its challenges. Making friends, fitting in and keeping up with homework are universal troubles faced by most teenagers. If you’re a teenager with hearing loss these situations can be fraught with further anxieties. Those with healthy hearing can take for granted the simplest of situations such as loud auditoriums during Physical Education classes or going to a music event with friends. With a Phonak hearing aid, however, your hearing loss really needn’t hold you back. Our hearing aids for teenagers will provide you with the confidence to explore the world and connect with friends, family and everything important to you. Take, for instance, the Phonak Sky V, which automatically adjusts to your environment and allows for better speech understanding. We also offer the Roger Pen – a discreet, wireless microphone that delivers superior speech-in-noise and over distance performance. With our technologically advanced hearing aid solutions, all you will have to worry about from here on out is getting good grades at school!