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The latest advances in hearing aid technology can provide just what you need to live life to the fullest

New Hearing Aids and New Hearing Aid Technology

If you’ve been wearing the same hearing aids for the past few years then there’s a good chance you’re missing out on the cutting edge technology and developments that make new hearing aids better than ever.

It’s also likely that your needs have changed and you could benefit from the gains made with new hearing aid devices. Ongoing research and technological advancements means that Phonak hearing aids offer the latest in speech understanding and are comfortable and easy to use.

Adjusting to new hearing aids can be daunting but Phonak hearing aids contain unique technology. Ours allow you to move seamlessly from one listening situation to another, be it at home, in the office, playing sports or in social settings – our hearing aids allow you to stay connected throughout your day. Our technology also allows our hearing aids to send signals from one ear to the other so you hear better, improving your speech understanding.

Julie Horn

Music-wise, it just sounds so much nicer, like it did when I was younger. It is so much better, it is so much clearer.

Advance with new hearing aid technology

New hearing aid technology gives you access to even higher hearing performance in challenging situations

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Boost the performance of your new hearing aid devices with accessories for TV, music and phone

Enjoy the freedom

Your new hearing aids know where you are and automatically adjust accordingly with no manual interaction

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Roger microphones

Appealing solutions that deliver Roger™ technology designed to enhance speech understanding in loud noise and over distance1.

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Boosting performance

Wireless accessories that keep you connected and boost your hearing aid performance, whether on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy environment

Audéo™ B
Phonak ComPilot

Audéo™ B

When your hearing aids adapt to every sound automatically, life is on

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Phonak ComPilot

The multi-purpose streamer with up to 24 hours of streaming time

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1Thibodeau, L. (2014). Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids. American Journal of Audiology, 23(2), 201-210