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We don’t appreciate our hearing until it starts to restrict our lifestyle. Phonak hearing aids are all about helping you regain freedom with the gift of sound.

Our range of hearing aids are at the cutting edge of technology. Invisible hearing aids sit inside the ear to utilise its shape to capture and amplify sound more naturally, autosense technology helps our hearing aids adapt to the level of noise around you and rechargeable hearing aids offer 24 hours of performance for just one hour of charge.

We have been helping to offer exceptional hearing experiences for over 70 years. We’re committed to fighting the impact of hearing loss, overcoming technological obstacles and innovating to help people with hearing loss to regain this crucial sense.

View our product range or give us a call and find a hearing care professional in your area who can assess your needs and find the best hearing aid solution for you.

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Phonak wireless accessories for hearing aids

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Phonak Lyric invisible hearing aid

A completely different way to hear better

Designed to be worn 24/7 for months at a time

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