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What hearing aid should be selected from the list on the mobile phone?

During the pairing process, Phonak hearing aids may appear three times in the list of devices.

Phonak hearing aids use multiple versions of Bluetooth® for mobile devices (Bluetooth Classic for standard phone use e.g., phone calls and streaming music and Bluetooth LE or “Low Energy” for the app). Some phones recognize each version of Bluetooth as a separate device. In that case, three devices may be displayed when pairing two Phonak hearing aids (one connected via Bluetooth Classic, and two using Bluetooth LE to connect to myPhonak). 

Important notes: 
Only one hearing aid is connected to the phone via Bluetooth Classic. This is normal. 
The names R-Phonak / L-Phonak may be different depending on the settings made by the hearing care professional. 

Android™ phones: 
The two Bluetooth devices LE_R- Phonak and LE_L- Phonak are for the myPhonak app. They connect automatically when the user starts using the app. Never delete these as this would disable communication between the app and the hearing aids. 

The Bluetooth devices LE_R-Phonak and LE_L-Phonak displayed as “Not Connected” are connected to the myPhonak app. They will automatically connect when the app is opened.