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What is the difference between Automatic and Manual activation of the Phonak TV Connector?

TV Connector: Difference between Automatic and Manual activation
Your hearing care professional can set your hearing aid to automatic or manual mode.
  • If the “Automatic activation” of the TV Connector program is enabled and a TV is switched on, the hearing aid automatically switches to the TV Connector program.
  • If your hearing aids are set to “Manual activation” for the TV Connector and the TV is switched on, you will hear a signal in the hearing aid that the TV Connector’ program is available. When a TV Connector signal is detected the program can manually be activated via the hearing aid multi-function button or the myPhonak app. The TV Connector program will be available in your toggle sequence. Toggle through the programs until the TV Connector signal is heard again.
The hearing aid microphones are turned on to allow you to hear surrounding sounds.