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How do my Phonak hearing aids switch between Bluetooth phone calls and streaming with the TV Connector?

Switch between talking on the phone and watching TV

This is how Phonak hearing aids are used with a mobile phone and the TV Connector.

  • If you are watching TV and you receive a phone call, the phone ringtone will be automatically heard in the hearing aids. Press the multi-function button briefly to accept the call. When the call ends, the hearing aids will automatically go back to TV streaming.
  • If you were talking on the phone and wish to resume watching TV, the hearing aids will automatically return to streaming from the TV Connector once you hang up on the call.
  • If you were not watching TV before beginning the phone call, the hearing aids will return to the last program you were using once you hang up the phone call. Long press the multi-function button on the hearing aids to connect to the TV Connector.