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myPhonak app does not keep my settings

When I set up different volume levels for my hearing aids or when I adjust the program, my settings are often not kept in the myPhonak app.
  • Personal settings which are not saved as a custom program are not permanent, therefore they will be lost each time after the hearing program is changed, or when the app disconnects from the hearing aids.
  • Each time when the sound is streamed to the hearing aids, the active program will switch to Bluetooth streaming program. After the streaming, the last used hearing program will be activated, and the adjustments not saved as a custom program will be lost.
  • To prevent losing your personal adjustments of the hearing program, we recommend saving them as a custom program.

Please note, it is not possible to split volume and save in the myPhonak app different volume levels for each hearing aid. Different volume settings are lost after each streaming, when you change the volume with the push button on the hearing aids, or when the app gets disconnected.