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Do I need to pair my Phonak hearing aids first to the phone or to the app?

There is no specific order required. You can pair your hearing aids independently with your phone's Bluetooth® for calls and media streaming or with the myPhonak app.

Pairing your hearing aids with the myPhonak app (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a separate process from pairing them with your phone's Bluetooth for calls and media streaming (Bluetooth Classic). 

There are three ways to use your Phonak hearing aids with your smartphone: 

  1. Pairing only to the app. 
  2. Pairing only to your phone's Bluetooth for calls and media streaming. 
  3. Pairing to both the app and the phone’s Bluetooth. 

To use the myPhonak app, simply follow the pairing instructions within the app. 
If you wish to hear phone call or stream media through your hearing aids, you will need to pair your hearing aids directly through your smartphone's Bluetooth settings.