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Going Beyond with Phonak

We strive for excellence; every single team member. We look to Go Beyond expectations: Go Beyond the status quo, what everyone else is doing. And when you partner with us, we want your practice to Go Beyond with Phonak.

We strive to Go Beyond in 4 areas

Quality, Customer Experience, Expertise, Innovation

Going Beyond Quality

At Phonak, we design and produce high-quality hearing instruments to maximize durability and minimize downtime for your patients. We test new products with thousands of hours of run-time tests. We are striving to Go Beyond, to ensure Life is On for you and your patients.

David and Phonak team meeting

Going Beyond Customer Experience

Your ability to focus on patient care and business growth is a must. We want to get you what you need when you need it. This is a key initiative for Phonak right now. Have you seen our new Patient Connectivity support page?

Audiologist   reviewing hearing test results

Going Beyond Expertise

Our commitment to supporting you goes beyond just product and clinical expertise. We also help you grow your practice and develop business knowledge.

We care about helping you implement best practices in your business. Our Clinical Trainers will help you when fitting hearing instruments and our Practice Development team can partner with you to apply best-in-class practices around running your business.

Audiologists placing hearing aids on Kemar

Going Beyond Innovation

Evidence-based research is at the heart of everything we do at Phonak. Research is a key element of our innovation. We want hearing care providers to have the highest patient satisfaction by offering you the broadest portfolio to meet the individual needs of your patients.

Going Beyond

It's time to "Go Beyond"

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