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Establish more meaningful connections

Did you know that nearly half of marketers prioritized establishing more meaningful connections with patients last year? Patient engagement is the focus for HCPs, as consumer expectations are changing and they are demanding a better experience in all aspects of their life. Some of the top objectives included delivering a contactless experience, improving multichannel communications and improving accessibility and ease of use. All with the goal in mind of establishing connections with their patients that go beyond the traditional patient/HCP relationship.


Focused on building more meaningful connections with patients


Attempted to improve accessibility and ease-of-use


Improve multichannel communications


Wanted to deliver a more personalized experience


Focused on improving response time with their patients

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The top roadblock to patient engagement? Deliverability.

If you want to successfully engage patients, hearing businesses must audit the effectiveness of their current approach and evaluate new ways to get messages to their patients. A study conducted by Mitto and Demand Metric, found a strong relationship between patient engagement and the patient experience, with two-thirds of participants reporting that the successful execution of their engagement strategy will lead to a better patient experience. Having a great marketing strategy is only half the battle, delivering on that strategy becomes an essential task. See what those those involved in the study believe regarding executing an improved patient engagement strategy:



Provide a better patient experience


An increase in patient growth and ROI


Increase in patient loyalty


Give a better retention rate


An increase in patient satisfaction

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Source:  Mitto + DemandMetric – 2021 Benchmark Report:  The state of customer engagement in B2C marketing