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What areas of Patient Satisfaction should be measured?

Separating yourself from your competition requires you to create a unique customer experience that exceeds their expectations. But how do you do this? To start, its by understanding what they expect and how you’re currently performing against these expectations.

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What areas matter?

  • Buying Process — get patient feedback on your buying process to identify any possible issues.
  • Value Proposition — learn how your value proposition is perceived. This can help you identify red flags with patients who believe they are not getting good value for money.
  • Products/Services — gather metrics on the effectiveness and quality of the products. Ask additional open-ended questions that can provide insight into what the market is demanding.
  • Strategic Direction — measure the perception your patients have of your position as a healthcare leader and innovator within your community. Use this data to improve your patient experience innovation.
  • Patient Service and Support — gauge your patient service team to ensure there are no unhappy patients with outstanding issues that may put other areas of your hearing business at risk.
  • Website — determine if your website is providing a pleasant experience or if additional resources need to be added.

Ignoring the ‘voice of the patient’ is not how world-class hearing practice operate

To keep retention levels high, define a patient feedback process that provides both quantitative and qualitative results. Simple adaptations to your patient follow-up process can enable you to capture valuable feedback by way of simple surveys that the patient can fill out for you to assess and improve your teams performance.

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