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Thank you for choosing Phonak Lyric™, the world’s first and only 100% invisible extended wear hearing device. MyLyric is your resource for helpful tips on Lyric hearing aid usage, adjustments and lifestyle tips. If you haven't registered, start by registering for MyLyric, or watching the new patient video.


Register for MyLyric and get a complimentary Lyric SoundLync™.

Use your SoundLync to:

  • Change the volume on your Lyric
  • Safely self-remove Lyric from your ear if required.
  • Adjust important Lyric settings such as power and sleep mode.

When not in use, the SoundLync can be used as a keychain so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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Lyric FAQs

Your Lyric hearing aid is designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind. It requires no extra handling or battery changes unlike traditional hearing aids—with the exception of the optional SoundLync, no extra tools are necessary  Have questions about ongoing use and maintenance for your Lyric hearing aid? View our frequently asked questions to get important tips relating to your lifestyle and your new Lyric hearing aid.

You can also use your Lyric SoundLync Reference Guide for quick tips on how to adjust the settings of your Lyric with your SoundLync as well as the user guide in order to safely operate your Lyric hearing aid and to benefit from all the possibilities it has to offer.