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Connecting to your smartphone for phone calls, audio, and the app

Watch this video to learn how to setup Bluetooth streaming and the myPhonak app on iPhone

Watch this video to learn how to setup Bluetooth streaming and the myPhonak app on Android smartphone

Connecting your smartphone for phone calls and audio streaming

1. Open your Bluetooth menu on your phone (often found in “Settings”). Make sure Bluetooth is on.           
   iphone Bluetooth ON enlarged cropped.png

2. Turn your hearing aid(s) off and back on again.
  • For disposable battery hearing aid(s), open and shut the battery door and ensure you are using fresh batteries.
                         ZA battery on off.png
  • For rechargeable hearing aids, place them in the charger for 10 seconds then remove them. This will enable pairing mode for 3 minutes and make them discoverable on your phone.

3. One hearing aid will show in the Devices list (Typically as "R-Phonak hearing aid", but your hearing care provider may have changed the name or side). If you do not see a device tap “Scan” or “Search”. Tap on it to pair and accept any pop-up pairing requests from the Phone. 

         iphone R-Phonak hearing aid enlarged cropped.png

             samsung Bluetooth pairing request enlarged cropped.jpg  
Note: only one pairing is required for phone calls and audio streaming. If you have two hearing aids, you will hear the audio in both hearing aids with the one pairing. 

Connecting to the myPhonak app to control your hearing aid(s) 

1. Connect your smartphone to the internet via WiFi or cellular data. 
2.  Make sure Bluetooth® is on.    
3. Search for “myPhonak” on the Google Play™ Store or Apple App Store® or open your camera app and scan the QR code then install the app. 

myphonak app store crop.png                  QR.png

4. Open the app and restart your hearing aids to enable pairing mode for 3 minutes. Tap on the instructions in the app to learn how to restart your hearing aids or see the previous instruction. 
Note: On Android devices, you must enable location services when pairing Bluetooth® devices for the first time. After the initial setup you can disable the location services again.

5. Tap “Pair device” when you reach the “Home” screen. 
      iphone app pairing home screen enlarged_iphone13prographite_portrait.png

6. Wait for your hearing aid(s) to show up. If you wear two hearing aids, make sure both display before continuing. If you only see one hearing aid, reboot both and try again. Once your device(s) are found tap on them to pair to the app.

       iphone app pairing devices screen enlarged_iphone13prographite_portrait.png

7. After pairing the app, you will see two new Phonak connections in your phone’s Bluetooth menu starting with “LE_”. These connections are for your app to communicate to each aid. They may say “Not Connected.” That is typical as they will automatically connect when the app is opened. Do not remove them unless you are troubleshooting your app connection.  

    iphone all hearing aid pairings app disconnect crop.png

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