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Stethoscopes and Phonak hearing aids

It is possible to stream signals from an amplified stethoscope to Phonak hearing aids. There are different configuration options depending on the chosen stethoscope.

Configuration options depending on the chosen stethoscope:

  • Direct Bluetooth connectivity via a Bluetooth-enabled stethoscope
  • Bluetooth streaming via a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the stethoscope
  • RogerDirect™ streaming via a Roger microphone plugged into the stethoscope

As there are multiple amplified stethoscopes on the market and your listening needs are unique, you may need to practice and learn what to listen for, as bodily sounds may be perceived differently via the hearing aids than without them.

Phonak Guide: Phonak direct connectivity hearing aids and stethoscopes

Regardless of the chosen stethoscope, consider these hearing aid factors:
  • The more occluded the coupling, the lower the risk of low frequency leakage. When selecting the hearing aid coupling, choose a custom earmold with minimal or no venting, or a power dome.
  • Low frequency information is important for detecting heart and lung sounds. In the streaming program in Phonak hearing aids, a low frequency boost is provided by default. The amount of gain and range of frequencies affected is dependent on the acoustic vent and receiver power of the hearing aid.
  • Consider how to hear patients when performing auscultation. Within the streaming program, the attenuation of the hearing aid microphones can be adjusted according to clients’ needs.
  • In case of distortion while streaming and performing auscultation, reduce the MPO. This would be most applicable for clients with an earmold vent. The larger the vent, the greater the risk for distortion.

In addition, consider these streaming factors:
  • In case of experiencing distortion in the streamed signal, the volume on the stethoscope needs to be reduced. Increasing the volume too much on the stethoscope may lead to clipping of the streaming signals in the hearing aids.
  • If the streaming device has external microphones, such as the Roger Select, they should be muted while performing auscultation to reduce the surrounding ambient noise.
  • The hearing aids can automatically switch into the streaming program upon detection of the Bluetooth or Roger signal. This automatic detection allows for greater ease of use when switching in and out of the streaming program.

The information provided is a general recommendation only. Phonak does not warrant, endorse, guarantee or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability for any information offered within this presentation. The use of any information contained within this presentation is solely at your own risk.