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No Live heart rate values (instead showing dashes "- -") or grey Live heart rate values displayed in the Health section of the app

With Audéo Fit hearing aids, why can't the user see Live heart rate values, occasionally?
It is possible that users will see Live heart values in grey color. The value shown is the latest valid Live heart rate value. This happens at the beginning of the measurement (when entering the Health section) or during a measurement if a reading is not available or the heart rate signal is not reliable at this time (for example, due to irregular or excessive movements). The value will change to black once a correct reading is available.

Dashes are shown if the app is used for the first time and no valid live heart rate reading exists from the past 2 hours or when the hearing aids are disconnected or charging.

If a user with Audéo Fit hearing aids occassionally has no Heart rate shown in the myPhonak app there are several things to check: 
  • Irregular or excessive movement as well as the hearing aids not being positioned well can lead to non valid heart rate readings. Try repositioning the hearing aids or reduce movement and retry tracking the Live heart rate.
  • The Sensor Receiver might be dirty and needs cleaning. Please follow the cleaning instructions in the User Guide or contact the hearing care professional to receive further information on how to clean the hearing aid. 
  • If the problem persists, the hearing care professional can perform a heart rate sensor test via Remote Support or in the clinic directly to give additional instructions or check if the receiver needs replacement.